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Adult Teeth Straightening

Today there different options for adults to straighten their teeth without having to have uncomfortable metal wires and brackets. Clear aligner therapy is a tried and true method of adult teeth straightening, and no one will even know you have “braces”.

Clear Correct®

We offer the Clear Correct clear aligner teeth straightening.  Just like Invisalign, Clear Correct aligners are removable, comfortable aligners that if worn as recommended, will move teeth just as effectively as traditional braces, without metal wires and brackets.

The Process of Clear Aligners

The aligner is worn in a series of sets, so the teeth are moved over time. About every 3-4 weeks, you’ll have short appointment where you’ll receive your next set of aligners and your progress is measured.

Straight Teeth Equal Healthy Teeth

The straighter your teeth, the healthier your mouth.  With straighter teeth, you can floss and brush frequently as well as help prevent tooth decay between and around teeth.

Who is a Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Clear aligner therapy is best for adults who need minor to moderate teeth straightening. An exam by Dr. Bridges and his team at Smile Station Family Dentistry can determine if clear aligners are right for you.  Children, teens and more challenging cases may require a referral to a local Orthodontist.

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