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Teeth Whitening

One of the fastest ways to improve your smile is through teeth whitening. At Smile Station Family Dentistry, we’re your bright smile specialists, providing easy teeth whitening treatments that can make you feel like you’ve just had a smile makeover!

The Benefits

After whitening, you will feel more confident when you smile, and your teeth will appear cleaner with this easy and affordable cosmetic treatment.

Who Should Whiten Their Teeth?

All of our teeth can yellow or darken over time. The wear and tear of daily life can cause teeth discoloration and stain, and make us feel less confident.

Why Do Our Teeth Yellow?

  • Smoking – smoking is not only bad for your lungs, heart and other organs but also your teeth, yellowing them and causing them to age prematurely. Smoking can also worsen gum disease, making things even worse.
  • Wine/Tea/Coffee – many beverages stain our teeth such as red wine, coffee, tea and more.
  • Medication – medications today are notorious for causing dry mouth which in turn can affect your overall oral health. Some antibiotics can cause permanent teeth discoloration.
  • Aging Teeth – older teeth lose their brightness and become discolored.
  • Food – depending on your diet you may be yellowing your teeth simply through the colorings, spices and other elements in your food

Not all people are the same, and there are different levels of discoloration in different patient cases. After examining your teeth shade, we can determine which treatment will be best for you. Professional dental treatments are often preferred because of the deep bleaching process that can be more effective than over the counter methods.

Bleaching Trays & Kits

Most teeth whitening treatments trays which fit over the teeth. These trays are placed on the teeth with a bleaching gel inside that goes directly onto the stained teeth. Some of these treatments are performed in the office, and some are take home kits. They can remove stains even under the enamel or stains that have remained for years on the teeth.

We understand that there are many treatments available when it comes to whitening your teeth. Between over the counter options, take home kits, and in office procedures.  Call us today at 270-408-1234, and we can help you decide which type of teeth whitening is best for you!


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